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OceanView Artemis  

The Poseidon is one of two available gyro stabilized systems. Poseidon uses a MEMS gyro which not only compensates for the vessels movement by maintaining a stable image on the screen it also provides a platform for additional features not available on other units or only available as optional extras. These standard features include:

  • Radar (ARPA) Target Tracking
  • AIS (Automatic Identification System) Tracking
  • Internet Viewing
  • IP Control

Poseidon uses the same camera package as the Atlas:

  • Thermal Imager with a 23° FOV, 2x digital zoom with a heated window
  • B&W Ultra-Low Light camera (0.00015 lux) with 10x optical zoom
  • Colour Camera with 312x zoom (26x optical and 12x digital)

The combination provides outstanding pictures in a variety of light and environmental conditions.

The benefits of being able to detect, observe and identify different types of activity and objects in total darkness, heavy rain, smoke, daylight, or in mixed/poor lighting conditions are vast.

Applications include use on Superyachts, work boats and commercial vessels for:

  • Navigation/Collision & Object Avoidance
  • Medium – to Long-Range Threat Detection
  • MOB, Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Security/Law Enforcement – on board or on the dockside
  • Shared use between vessels (see information below on the quick release 'docking station')

Unique to this industry, a quick release “docking station” makes sharing cameras between different vessels very easy, installation is even easier and in the unlikely event of on board service requiring a swap unit, can be quickly exchanged.

In addition to a simple Joystick controller for controlling the Pan and Tilt functions of the unit, Poseidon is supplied with an easy to navigate Pilothouse LCD Touch Screen Controller. It has full functionality with all the controls literally at your finger tips.

The pan & tilt camera head is remotely mounted and has a 360° pan view and +/-50° tilt range.

The Poseidon provides industry standard NTSC or PAL video output and the back lit controller is easily integrated into the bridges or control rooms of pleasure and commercial craft.

The Poseidon provides industry standard NTSC or PAL video output.

For Technical Information, click here to download the Poseidon Product Data Sheet.

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