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The CSB 200 is a low cost AIS transponder, designed specifically for the Leisure Marine and Fishing Boat market. It meets the new Class "B" standard that allows vessels that are not required to fit Class "A" units to voluntarily fit an AIS transponder. It enables boats sailing in busy shipping lanes to automatically transmit their current position, course and speed to other vessels and shore stations within VHF range.

Connected to a compatible on board PC running a Navigation Program, or Chart Plotter, information received from other vessels or shore stations can also be displayed on screen giving the skipper or navigator a visual interpretation of the name, position, course and speed of vessels within VHF range. This information is updated every 3 seconds to 6 minutes depending on speed and rate of turn, enabling the track of the vessels in range to be plotted.

For Technical Information, click here to download the CSB 200 Specification Sheet.

Information that can be transmitted is as follows:

Information that can be received is as follows:

Comar AIS-2-NMEA
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