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The CSA 200 is a compact Class A AIS transponder suitable for all vessels from large commercial ships, super yachts, fishing vessels, pilot boats, through to leisure boats.

The CSA 200 has an integral GNSS receiver, VHF transmitter, three VHF receivers and a 12/24VDC power supply. Mounted in a robust metal enclosure, all connecting cables run directly to the transponder, no additional cable junction boxes are required.

When used with the CSD 200 Display the unit meets with the IMO requirements for compulsory fit vessels needing to comply with SOLAS requirements.

For non Solas vessels, the transponder, once pre-programmed with the vessels static data, may be operated as a stand alone unit connected to a Chart Plotter or PC running an AIS display program.

For Technical Information, click here to download the CSA 200 Specification Sheet.

Information that can be transmitted and received is as follows:

Comar AIS-2-NMEA
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